Week of December 11th

A big well done to the children regarding their Nativity performance!

We are fully into Christmas mode this week! Christmas crafts, Christmas lunch. Christmas cards are done and ready for posting. We Will defer the walk to the Post Office until next Monday. We will go both AM and PM. If you would like to accompany us please let a member of staff know. We will probably make more than one trip each session, but if you can volunteer even an hour we would love you to join us.

We are baking this week, please check the notice board in case we are in need of particular ingredients and you can make a donation.

Last week we sent home Forest school kits. The team have purchased lovely all in one waterproof outfits for the children so their Forest school kits do not need to be returned in January.

P.E kits will be sent home at the end of the week. Please take this opportunity to label all items in their bag.

TAPESTRY: Any logging in issues please let me know. Most parents are now on-line but I have noted that some activation codes have expired, so I have sent a new link.


On a sad note: The fabulous Miss Hoare is leaving us at the end of term. She has been an amazing TA and friend to me so on a personal note I’d like to say how much she will be missed. I know I will feel like a fish out of water in January without her support and organisation! We will discuss this with the children next week so they are prepared for this change in January.



Week Commencing 4th. & 11th December

Dear Parents,

We are looking forward to our nativity. The children have found it a challenge as there is an expectation to sit quietly when it is not their turn to speak – always difficult when you are 4/5 years old. But, we hope you will enjoy their performance!

We are learning about the importance of the season of Advent and about the nativity story in class, as well as beginning our Christmas crafts. This week we are designing our Christmas cards. Next week we hope to take a walk up to the post office, which we did last year and it was very successful.  I’d like to go to the village in groups of 20, over three days (Mon, Tues, Thurs PM, week of 11th Dec.) whilst the remaining children do other activities such as cooking. If you can offer your help for the village walk or to help in class (CRB checked parents) we would be most grateful.

Christmas Cooking:

Please sign up to donate some Christmas cake ingredients in class this week.

I would like the children to make their own Christmas cake. We need to line 60 baked bean tins. I have done it before but in a light bulb moment wondered if I could ask for parent volunteers to take some home to line in time for our cooking activity the week of 11th December. Full instructions given!

We also need donations of parchment/grease-proof paper. 

Elf Creative crafts: How re your cutting skills? We are looking for volunteers to take some cutting-out home – Please let me know f you can help…


I’m getting very positive feedback about Tapestry. Please contact me with any log in issues.

Mrs. Q.


Week of November 20th

A busy week.

Thank you to our lovely parents who helped us safely walk the children to the village library. We are scheduling another village walk to the post office the week, probably the last week of term, so if you’d like to be involved please let us know…

I hope you are enjoying our reception challenges on Tapestry. I have loved seeing your comments. If you write an observation it will appear in your child’s Learning Journey. If you experience any issues logging into Tapestry please let me know asap, your log in was only valid for 24 hours, so I have reset a few recently.


Reception Challenge 5: A physical challenge. Watch this video link for an explanation.

Crossing the body’s mid-line is an important developmental skill needed for many everyday tasks such as writing, reaching towards your foot to put on a shoe and sock with both hands and hitting a ball with a bat. When a child spontaneously crosses the mid-line with the dominant hand, then the dominant hand gets the practice needed to develop good fine motor skills by repeated consistent hand dominance. If a child avoids crossing the mid-line, then both hands tend to get equal practice at developing skills and the child’s true handedness may be delayed. This means that once a child starts school, learning to write is much more difficult when they have two less skilled hands rather than one stronger, more skilled (dominant) hand. Difficulty crossing the mid-line also makes it difficult to visually track a moving object from one side to the other or track from left to right when reading, meaning reading can also be delayed. They need to practise these type of skills…

Polite request: We really struggle to pair shoes when they aren’t named, and so many children have the same design shoes. Please put your child’s name in their shoes.


Nativity: Could we please have your nativity costumes by Friday latest. Thank you.

Don’t forget to send in your small 4oz baked bean tin for a cooking activity…

Next week we are looking at the Stickman story, by Julia Donaldson, please read it home if you have a copy. We will be making our own stickman in Forest school.

A few photos from this week.


Week of November 13th

Here are a few photos from this week. Lots of Gruffalo play. 

Week of 20th we are taking a walk to the library in the afternoon.. Thank you to the parents who offered to help. Please check in Monday AM with a member of staff to confirm. 

We will be sending home costume requests and lines to learn for our Nativity.

Our literacy focus continues to be The Gruffalo and Gruffalo’s Child, writing menus and recipes.

We would welcome donations of cheap plain flour, salt and food colourings for making play dough.

New challenge now on Tapestry, send in your observations under your child’s name.

Have a great week – Mrs Quinn.

Photos from week of November 6th

A very busy week. Lots of representations of fireworks in the children’s play and talk of fire and staying safe.

Towards the end of the week we discussed Remembrance day and the children enjoyed making pictures of poppies or other types of flowers.

Next Week:

The children are looking forward to their trip to the Radlett Centre to see The Gruffalo’s Child tomorrow. Please read the story if you have it at home as we will spend time this week discussing the characters with the children.

Watch out for our new reception Challenge on Tapestry! The response so far has been great and I love having parental involvement evident n the Learning Journeys. If you can’t access your child’s account online for any reason just let me know

Cooking: We are making Gruffalo Crumble with the children over the week

P.E:  Believe it or not there are still children with unnamed items of uniform and PE kit.

The children still manage to lose items of named clothing, so please understand how difficult it is for staff to manage to return  unnamed items of clothing to  the correct child. We need your support to named everything! Thanks…



We would welcome more resources for junk modelling

FYI: We didn’t send out library books this week….


Mrs. Quinn.


Theatre Trip

Just a reminder that the children are going to see The Gruffalo’s Child on Monday morning. They should arrive at school normal time. The coach will leave 9:15am.

Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to help us.  We now have an extra child attending but the coach is at capacity. We need two parent helpers to be willing to drive, rather than travel on the coach with the children.

Mrs. Quinn.

Tapestry Online

I am in the process of activating parent Tapestry accounts online. You will receive an email to activate your account, or already have.


I have also set up a new member of class, called ‘Reception Challenge’ through which we will notify you of any challenges and encourage you to get involved in building up your child’s learning journey of development and achievements.  Exciting times!

First challenge is active!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions.


Mrs. Qunn

Photos from Week of 30th October

A lovely week, the children were excited about Halloween and Guy Fawkes which lead to lots of creative play and representations of pumpkins etc.

We have been trying to recognise and make teen numbers in our morning box and continued to enjoy making our own patterns. Great phonics too. Many children are now confidently blending sounds to make a word. If your child can read, please use the Teddy Word book, from Teddy 1, the initial pages are for beginner blenders.









Next week we anticipate the children will be full of news about their fireworks experiences. We will encourage them to use their senses to describe the colours, sights, smells and sounds they experienced and create our own fireworks poem. We will also talk to the children about how they stay safe in the dark evenings and at fireworks displays. This will lead into talking about reflective materials. If you have anything reflective, please send

Please also send in any photographs of Halloween or fireworks celebrations for our family board.


Mrs. Quinn

The Little Red Hen

These amazing children retold the story of The Little Red Hen.


That wasn’t the best bit! They then adapted the story, changing the setting to a zoo and the characters became a lion, sheep and a cow.  Cages and enclosures were quickly made to support the story telling. Fantastic!!!

This is what my job is all about…


Week of September 25th in Reception

We have had  lovely week in reception. It has been great to hear positive feedback from colleagues around the school as to how well the children are settling in.  Here are a few photographs from the week.


Next week: 

We are beginning phase 2 phonics. The children will be introduced to the letter sounds m.a.s.d.t. Some of the children know these sounds already and their focus will be handwriting using correct letter formation and writing simple words using these sounds.

Did you know we value and rely on the contribution you make at home:

Improvement in learning:

  • Children with parents who take an active interest in their education make greater progress than other children.
  • Parental engagement has a significant effect throughout a child’s school years, and in the primary years, family influences have a more powerful effect on children’s attainment and progress than school factors.
  • Gains in pupil achievement stemming from parental engagement initiatives tend to be permanent.

Reading books and Teddy word books are coming home soon. Some children will be given a picture book. Some will have books with simple words because they can already recognise letter sounds and orally blend them to make a word. You will also receive a reading record log. Please write a comment and date when you have listened to your child read. We really value the feedback.

If you would like some help to pronounce the letter sounds we re teaching then this video link will help.

Check out Abbotsphonics blog too.

Mrs. Quinn.

Week of September 18th in Reception

The children are continuing to settle and get used to their new surroundings and new routines. We introduced morning boxes this week, which focus on fine motor skills such as cutting, nuts and bolts, threading, name writing. The children were challenged to find their morning activity box for their  group and by the end of the week we were pleased with how they were able to quickly settle to their activity.


We did P.E. for the first time! Parents, we need your help. Getting 30 children changed is  no small challenge for the team. At one point I had one child wandering round in his pants, having lost every stitch of his uniform, which other children had either put on or put into their own P.E. bag. Lots of time was lost checking every P.E bag and thankfully the uniform was found, but it wasn’t named.  It is imperative that ALL items of clothing are named. Please also make time to let your child practise getting themselves dressed and undressed independently.

Next week we are beginning more focused phonics activities, concentrating on skills such as hearing initial sounds in words, words that rhyme and listening skills.


Children do not need to keep clean uniform in their book bag or on their peg. we have extra clothes in the event of accidents.  We are finding that some bags and/ or pegs are so full that everything just ends up on the floor.

We are still asking for wellies for some children. Please send them in asap.

Thank you to parents who have sent in their family photo – keep them coming, the children are enjoying looking at them together!


Here are a few photos from the first few weeks. I have actually taken over 600 photos, so many to choose from!

End of Term Party

We are looking to have a water party Wednesday PM on the field, Weather permitting.  

Children can bring in their water guns, super soakers etc and we would appreciate the loan of a few small paddling pools for their amusement. 

Please ensure children have suncream on and Sun hat etc. 

Could parents bring in dry clothes/towels at home time. You may want to arrive a little earlier to help get them dry and changed. 

Be prepared, I am coming fully loaded, they will get wet! 
Mrs Quinn and the team. 

Woodside Animal Farm

We had a great time on Friday at Woodside Animal Farm. A small farm but lots to see. The giant tortoise was a big hit!

We looked at the animals, and began our activity booklet, before our tractor ride. Great excitement and problem solving when the children realised that they  could work together and push the mini tractors that you normally have to pay for – That’s what we want – children working together and thinking outside the box!

A picnic lunch is always a hit with school children, it’s what they always talk about as one of the best bits… the ice-lollies went down a treat too.

I was impressed with how brave the children were, and how patiently they waited their turn to pet the rat, snake and chinchilla. Note: no pictures of the adults doing same – all were safely tucked away behind the children!!

Here are a few pcs:

Week of June 20th.

I’ve just uploaded the sports day photos on Vimeo. Check out the Twitter link to view.

The children had a lovely sports week. Thanks for your support! 

Congratulations to the red team who won the Early Years sports day.

We finished the week with a few team games.

Can I just say how proud I am of Tiggywinkles class. They’ve managed really well with different adults whilst I’ve been doing home visits. I’m out again for part of next next week then it’s back to normal.

Miss Boby and I are so proud of the children’s progress we’re planning a water party for end of term so let us know if you could loan us paddling pools etc. Details to follow…  Hope this great weather holds! 
Mrs. Quinn.

Week of May 15th in Reception

What a lovely week. We had Science Week and National Outdoor Learning Day on Thursday.

We kicked off science week asking the children what they thought science was all about. They blew us away. We introduced a song that covered gravity, hibernation, migration, metamorphosis, evaporation. Many of which the children have / are experiencing through their everyday play. Here is the link to the song on You Tube from The Learning Station.

  1. Joshua knows all about gravity.

  2. Most children could explain evaporation, they just didn’t know the proper scientific term.

  3. Most children knew about hibernation. Migration was a new term to many.

  4. Metamorphosis – We are learning about this ‘in the moment’ with our class caterpillars.

Science Week photos:

Gloop: The children were exploring two type of gloop, making it,  then observing how it changed and what it felt like using their senses. They explored transporting it, putting it through funnels and sieves, trying to pick it up with their hands or utensils and trying to form it into shapes, just to see what would happen.  We heard some lovely language, describing how it felt, looked and behaved in their hands.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bubbles: Talking about how bubbles are made of trapped air, the colours the children can see, their shape, size and chasing them to try and pop them are all valuable learning opportunities. I sent a recipe home that we used for science week, it’s well worth it! Would love some pics if you are successful making even bigger bubbles.

STEM Challenge: The children (and many of the parents!) loved the STEM challenge. The children used toothpicks and sweets to build 3D shapes. We are taking a closer look at 3D shapes next week. Could you make a better one at home?

Child led learning at its best: How much water is needed to be added to make the perfect sandcastle? What is happening to the water when it is poured on the sand?

Jump Rope: What goes up must come down!!!

George P was amazing, gold medalist in the making. Think we’ll try double dutch next week…

Sorry, but my photos really don’t do the children justice, didn’t manage to capture many mid flight.

Imaginative Play:  Mrs. Kimber and I managed to salvage some car seats and bumbers from the Car Body Repair Shop in Breakspeare Rd (Thanks Issy!). They were so popular with the children, lots of lovely language and imaginative play. At risk of turning the garden into a salvage yard we love open ended resources like these. We’d love a steering wheel or three!

  More construction:


Next Week: We are looking at 3D shapes. Take a look at your environment, can the children spot any 3D structures, cone, cube, sphere etc.

We are collecting interesting shaped boxes. There are some hexagonal chocolate boxes if you fancy treating yourself (just in the interests of your child’s 3D education of course!).

  1. What shape is the football?

  2. What shape is a toblerone?

  3. What shape is a Swiss Roll cake?

  4. What shape is a Battenburg cake?

On Wednesday  Miss Boby and I are out of class for part fo the day each  as we have an internal moderation which is a statutory requirement, but we are on site.

Mrs. Quinn.

Week of May 1st in Reception

Our caterpillars continue to hold the children’s interest, which they have demonstrated  through their art work, creativity and their daily interest in observing change, which has also led to measuring them. Most have been given a name too, lovely writing.


Growing plants:

Last week we made observational drawings of plants and planted beans and sunflower seeds. We have been watching a bean germinate and it’s been lovely hearing the children use this new vocabulary as they talk about the changes they have observed.


We have observed some pirate play this week and will be developing this next week. I bought some lovely swash buckling swords in Tiger (what did teachers ever do before Tiger hit the high street?) and the children had already made swords for St. George’s Day play. We’d love some plastic bottles for messages in a bottle….


2D Shapes

We have been reviewing 2D shapes this week. The children were encouraged to guess the shape from its description, number of sides, curved or straight and number of corners. They also went outside to look for the shapes in their environment and used shapes to create a picture.

A few more:


Next Week: 

We have been working on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We are working on describing  the giant using wow words and the oral retelling of the story. We hope to see the caterpillars begin to change into chrysalides.

Do you have any (clean) plastic bottles or pirate that you could donate?

Save the date: Sports Day June 20th.

Week of April 18th in Reception

I was genuinely looking forward to seeing the children again this week, and they didn’t disappoint! Only a short week, but they packed a lot in.  The new trampoline was a big hit out in the garden, as was the new pizza role play. We need to blag some Domino pizza boxes, different sizes. Please also send in any photos of the children eating pizza. We heard lots of language of size, cost, time to cook and delivery times. The children then began making their own collage pizzas and pizza play dough, one white batch for the dough a second batch for the red tomato base which led to discussion about what they like to put on their own pizzas. Then the children wanted to make a real pizza together in class. The children are going to  order the ingredients online next week ‘like mummy does, …and a man delivers it.’

Getting a bit of maths into the trampoline work out:

We began reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and will also look at different versions or adaptations over the term. The children enjoyed exploring the magic beans, which led to some lovely sorting and counting then looking at capacity.

We observed the children trying to write their own stories.  This term we are encouraging the children to write in sentences, so please support this at home with the phonic sounds that they are learning in class.


In PE his week we practised team work and ball skills. Great fun, roll on Sports Day!

Save the date: June 20th Reception and Nursery are doing Sport day together.

Next Week:

We will be learning about St. George, and the Queen’s birthday.

  • We are collecting kitchen roll cardboard centres for castle turrets in junk modelling to go with St. George’s Day.
  • We are always collecting milk bottle tops.

We will be planting ‘magic’ beans to go with Jack’s beanstalk

We will be ordering food online and following the delivery process to then make pizza. Then eating it!

Take a photo of your child eating pizza and send it in.



We do enjoy getting email observations of home learning, keep them coming.

Keep encouraging reading and writing at home. More children are starting their second Teddy word book.

Please ensure all uniform is labelled with YOUR child’s name on it and that all children have  a PE kit and outdoor trainers.


Mrs. Quinn





A Few Holiday Challenges

In Wake and Shake, which we do every morning, we incorporate moves that help with coordination and involves crossing the midline and bi-lateral coordination. There is a lovely, easy to read explanation of both on OT-Mom, which I often refer to. Basically, we need children to coordinate their movements, using both sides of the  brain. SO, here are a few skills we have been practising that you may like to practise at home. I’m sure you’ve seen them before, but they are brilliant exercises for young children.