W/C December 1st.

We wil be cooking next week. Could all children bring in an empty 4oz tin please.

We will be learning a new rhyme for Christmas.

Twinkle twinkle Christmas star
How I wonder what you are
Santa needs your shining light
Help him on his way tonight
Twinkle twinkle Christmas star
How I wonder what you are

We are also learning to sing:
The 12 days of Christmas.
Ruddolph the Red Nose Reindeer.
Little Donkey.
Jingle Bells.
When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney.

I am attempting to create a bok list for December – a different Christmas book a day. If you have a book I could borrow to read to teh children please drop it in. It can be returned within the week.

Nursery Phonics

Dear Parents

We have introduced some phonic sounds to the children. Children can learn to recognise letter shapes just as they do numbers. They may not yet be ready to read words, but you can still help with pre reading skills at home.

Initial sounds:

Find everyday objects, perhaps toy animals or fruit. Ask what it is and use the same word as your child – a child may choose to say ‘cup,’ and you may have been thinking ‘mug.’ Ask what sound it begins with. If they can’t tell you model saying ‘c,c,c,c,cup!’ encourage them to say it with you.

Set out a few objects. Making sure the children can identify each object, ask them to:

• Pick an object and say what sound it begins with – If they find this difficult then praise their efforts and, pointing at an object, say for example ‘d, for duck.’
• Ask them to find you something beginning with an ‘m’ sound.
• Set out three objects, make sure two begin with the same sound – tomato, apple, tiger (toy), pont to the tomato and ask your child to show you what else begins with ‘t.’

Without expecting your child to read the words below, you can orally say each sound in a word to see if they can work out the word. We call this Fred Talk, like our class frog, Fred, who can only talk in sounds.

For instance you say ‘m –ad,’ the child will learn to hear ‘mad.’
If they can do that, you can split the sounds further saying ‘m-a-d’ and they soon will be able to hear ‘mad.’ Don’t worry if they can’t do this yet!
If they can, encourage them to read the words with you.

Mad Sad Sat Sit
Dad Sam

If you’re not sure of how to sound out words please drop in to see me, that’s what I’m here for!
Mrs. Quinn.

Christmas Cooking

Dear Parents,

Could you please send in a 4oz clean / empty tin (think a small can of baked beans) next week for a Christmas activity.

We would also welcome a donation of wrapping paper as its lovely to get the children wrapping presents for our Santa sack in the role play area. It really gets their little fingers working and we usually observe some great teamwork, helping to hold the paper in place.

We could also do with some empty boxes to wrap up and label to encourage writing.

Mrs. Quinn.

Week Commencing 24th November.

We have had such a fantastic week with the children. We have been describing and sorting different textures. Next week we will be painting onto and with different textures. Painting on foil, sand paper etc. Mixing different ingredients into the paint, such as sand, rice, oats, to see the effect.

We will go into the forest and use our senses and magnifying glasses to look at and feel textures in the natural world. We also hope to make a natural number line.

The children are enjoying learning letter sounds. Don’t forget to check out the Phonics blog as there is a link to a video to hear the sounds. We are encouraging mark making and trying to write the letters, but not always with a pen, and not always on paper.
We write with water on the ground, using sticks in the sand, with our finger in fine grain coloured sand. I love to get feedback about the children who are keen to practise at home and show you what they have been learning.

We are really pleased to note that all but a few children can independently recognise their name – Brilliant!

Next Week:
Toast Time on Friday – Can you help?

Song of the week: London’s Burning.

Number of the week: 4
Please send in children’s pictures of the number 4, or quantities of 4 – 4 apples, 4 dolls etc.

Please keep sending in images of ojects with different initial letter sounds for a phonics wall display.

We are collecting milk bottle tops

Christmas Fair:
We need a volunteer from PM nursery to arrange parent cover for the Christmas fair. If enough parents volunteer you should only have to do a 1/2 hour. We do want your support!

Thanks to Mrs. Campbell for volunteering to liaise with AM nursery parents. I understand their is a birthday party that day – but you could still volunteer to help set up on the Friday evening.

End of Term:
We hope to put on a carol concert for you in Nursery at the end of term, so start practising singing Christmas Carols at home with the children. We will teach the children about 5 songs to sing to you, which we are confirming next week. Dates to be advised.

Mrs. Quinn.

W/C November 17th.

Next week we will be developing our vocabulary by describing different textures. This stems from our work in the forest this week. We did some bark rubbing and the children spent time feeling the bark but could not agree on how it felt. We have lots of different fabrics and materials, but would welcome any sent in to add to our collection. The children will start off sorting the materials and the adults will encourage and model language to describe how they feel.

We are still looking at shape, so send in pictures of objects of particular shapes please.

Our number for the week is 3. Send in pictures of sets of 3, or the digit three.

Lastly: Thanks to the parents hwo helped with our first Toast Time on Friday. It went really well.

Mrs. Quinn.

World Rhyme Week

The children will be participating in World Rhyme Week.

Each day we will learn a new rhyme and the children will be given a colouring page to bring home.

The rhymes we will learn are:

Monday: Old King Cole (First verse only)
Tuesday: Oranges & Lemons
Wednesday: I hear thunder
Thursday: Five current buns
Friday: Hey Diddle Diddle

The children are going to be challenged to sing them on their own to win 2 gold coins per rhyme.
They can sing them to any adult, any day.

Here is a quiz for mum and dad.

WNRW quiz

Mrs. Quinn.

Week Commencing 10th November.

Next week we will continue to look at 2D and 3D shapes. We will be teaching the children our Ricky Rectangle rhyme and comparing squares to rectangles, making observations about how they are different. We will be encouraging the children to look for rectangles in their own environment and bring in pictures for our shape wall.

We are hoping to consolidate our work on squares by creating a large class mosaic Elmer. We are going to compare rectangles and squares and take inspiration from the work of Mondrian.

The children have been talking about Frieworks, so if you watch any fireworks over the weekend please talk to your child about how they made them feel, what sounds they could hear and sights and smells. We will provide resources so they can represent their experiences through mark making. We have tea bags ready to dip in paint and throw against the wall to make a firework effect. We have paint bombs ready to drop from a height and we will be getting our arms and fingers working spinning a lazy susan and salad spinners (does anyone have a spare one in the back of their cupboard?) to create paint effects – I’m sure there will be a bit of glitter thrown in too for sparkly fireworks.

The children have been singing a song about fireworks this week to the tune of 10 green bottles, and counting back from 10. Ask them to sing it to you.

Number focus:
We are looking at the nunber 2. Please send in images of this number for our number collage book.
Also pictures of pairs of things. Two feet, two shoes, two dolls, two apples, two siblings etc.

We are continuing to learn the story of the The Little Red Hen, perhaps you could read it at home.

Our rhyme of the week will be:

1,2 tie my shoe
3,4 shut the door,
5,6 pick up sticks,
7,8 lay them straight,
9,10 a big fat hen,
Let’s get up and count again.

We are introducing the letter sounds to children, whilst still focusing on rhyme, initial word sounds and listening games. Please pop in if you aren’t sure how best to support your child at home. I will send sound sheets home as we introduce new sounds. They are just for your reference, I don’t need them to come back to class. I do strongly recomment that you purchase the RWI phonics cards from the office.

New next week:
We are introducing library Mondays. Each Monday the children will come home with a book and keep it until the following Monday.

Our first Toast Time will be next Friday. Please let me know if you could help.
I will need a donation of £1 per child which should cover the term.

Mrs. Quinn.

Week Commencing November 3rd.

The children have been learning about 2D shapes this week. Some are learning to recognise shapes, whilst others are beginning to talk about the properties of shapes, and use them appropriately to represent other things. Some children created their own 2D shapes.

Each week we will focus on a particular basic shape through rhyme and hands on activities. We read Elmer books this week and noticed his square pattern. The children designed their own Elmer, using squares, then various shapes, talking about the shapes they had selected.

We then introduced a paint resist technique which the children enjoyed – they selected various shapes, painted over them then lifted up the shapes to reveal their silhouette.

To reinforce shape recognition and get our fingers working we have been ripping tissue paper – not easy for a three year old! Then glueing to create a ‘stained glass window’ effect which will soon hang in our window.

The children have been practising their fine motor skills, threading beads to decorate the room and balancing marbles on what is actually the back of a shower mat.

Imaginery Play:
Lots of talking and comparing bedtime routines and favourite stories. Lots of conversation of their experiences of fireworks in our Small World area and the sounds, colours and shapes the children see.






Our bedroom role play extended into washing dolls clothes, pegging them out and then an experiment to see how long they would take to dry.

A very busy week indeed…

Mrs. Quinn.