Nursery Phonics

Dear Parents

We have introduced some phonic sounds to the children. Children can learn to recognise letter shapes just as they do numbers. They may not yet be ready to read words, but you can still help with pre reading skills at home.

Initial sounds:

Find everyday objects, perhaps toy animals or fruit. Ask what it is and use the same word as your child – a child may choose to say ‘cup,’ and you may have been thinking ‘mug.’ Ask what sound it begins with. If they can’t tell you model saying ‘c,c,c,c,cup!’ encourage them to say it with you.

Set out a few objects. Making sure the children can identify each object, ask them to:

• Pick an object and say what sound it begins with – If they find this difficult then praise their efforts and, pointing at an object, say for example ‘d, for duck.’
• Ask them to find you something beginning with an ‘m’ sound.
• Set out three objects, make sure two begin with the same sound – tomato, apple, tiger (toy), pont to the tomato and ask your child to show you what else begins with ‘t.’

Without expecting your child to read the words below, you can orally say each sound in a word to see if they can work out the word. We call this Fred Talk, like our class frog, Fred, who can only talk in sounds.

For instance you say ‘m –ad,’ the child will learn to hear ‘mad.’
If they can do that, you can split the sounds further saying ‘m-a-d’ and they soon will be able to hear ‘mad.’ Don’t worry if they can’t do this yet!
If they can, encourage them to read the words with you.

Mad Sad Sat Sit
Dad Sam

If you’re not sure of how to sound out words please drop in to see me, that’s what I’m here for!
Mrs. Quinn.

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