What a Fabulous Week.

We are having so much fun with the children in Nursery this week. We have a book focus, The Mitten, by Jan Brett. The children love it. A boy loses his mitten and different animals take shelter from the winter snow inside it. It holds a rabbit, a badger, a fox, a bear and a mouse.

We have heard lots of lovely language about size: big, bigger, stretching, growing,huge. The children have been talking about who has mittens or gloves and which they prefer and why. We took a poll. Then we estimated how many animals we could fit into our own gloves. We used cubes to investigate who could fit the most into their glove or mitten and the children worried out the bigger the glove the more would fit inside. They compared quantities by making a tower of the blocks.

Then, that golden moment, when talking about if children could fit into a mitten (they thought about 3!) someone said they bet lots could fit in the ‘Fe Fi Fo giants’ mitten.

So, tomorrow we are designing and making a huge mitten for the ‘Fe Fi Fo giant’ to see how many of us can fit in it.
Can’t wait.









Week Commencing Jan 19th.

We are continuing with our winter theme, but will have a book focus, The Mitten, By Jan Brett. This story is derived from a Ukranian folktale and has already been read a couple of times, so the children are familiar with it. We hope to continue to develop their 1:1 counting and adding one more / one less by exploring how many farm animals can fit into their own mittens. Last week we had a good discussion (particularly with AM session) about who had mittens/gloves which developed our maths data recording. We introduced new vocabulary – expand, stretch, swell!

I would like to generate more discussion about different benefits of both gloves with fingers and mittens. We will also continue to develop communication and language through exploration of hot/cold colours and explore pattern by designing new mittens, using tools (stapler) to make a 3D mitten.

We are learning that it isn’t winter everywhere and have contacted Mr. Paton, in Dubai, to discuss the weather there at the moment. He is going to call the children next Friday to tell them how hot it is over there just now.

‘The Mitten’ book also leads us nicely into exploring how woodland animals cope with winter and we will develop our finger skills by making bird feeders on Monday.

We will need the children to bring in yogurt pots on Monday for our bird feeders.

TOAST TIME on Friday.
‘What’s in the Box?’ is the Mouse group.
Library day is Monday only.

Mrs. Quinn.

Winter Rhymes

Here are some rhymes and songs that we are learning in class.

Out in the yard, I saw a snowman
Who was cold as cold could be.
I gave him a hat and a bright red scarf
But he still looked cold to me.

So I build a big bonfire
To last through the night.
But in the morning
He was no where in sight!

Five Little Snowflakes
One little snowflake with nothing to do,
Along came another and then there were… two!
Two little snowflakes laughing with me,
Along came another and then there were…three!
Three little snowflakes looking for some more,
Along came another and then there were…four!
Four little snowflakes dancing a jive,
Along came another, and then there were…five!
Five little snowflakes, having so much fun!
Out came the sun, and then there were none!

Snowflake (Twinkle Twinkle tune).

I’m a little snowflake, small and white.
When the moon is shining
I’m sparkly and bright.
When you see me falling,
Come out and play.
You can make a snowman with me today.

I’m a Little Snowman (Little teapot tune).

I’m a little Snowman, round and fat,
I’ve got a woolly scarf
and a little bobble hat.
When the snow is falling,
Come out and play.
You can make a snowman with me today.

Teddy Words

Well done to Millie W, Nathan and Harry, sounding out their Teddy words to me. It is lovely to see the progress.

Please give me your Teddy Word book at the beginning of a session if you would like your child to sound out/read some words to me. Some days we don’t get to go through book bags, so this will ensure I am able to keep up with children as they progress.

Mrs. Quinn.

Next Week.

We are looking at Winter next week. Over the coming weeks we are looking at cold colours, seasonal changes, and ‘our world’ to understand that it isn’t winter everywhere, and how animals survive in winter. Through these interests we will be focusing on cutting skills and language skills to talk about what the children have observed.

Many of the children are still ‘frozen’ obsessed which fits in well with a winter theme. We hope to inspire the children to use more junk modelling this term, perhaps make their own class igloo or Frozen ice palace, working collaboratively and using their problem solving skills. That said please take a look at what ‘junk’ you have left over from Christmas. Anything in white, silver, blue tones, clear/white plastic cups or plates, wrapping paper in winter patterns or colours. Ribbons, present bows, tinsel, bead strings and garlands can all be put to use by your imaginative three and four year olds! I have saved ribons off pulled crackers. Everything has a use in Nursery!

Mrs. Quinn.