Week of May 2nd

What a lovely week.  I have observed the children’s growing fascination with the garden. We are encouraging them to independently select, plant and care for their own plants. All took home cress this week, which is quick growing so they can observe changes first hand. Will they have egg and cress sandwiches soon?

They have also been representing their understanding at the art easel so we are going to encourage this next week by providing resources to make 3D flowers.


The children have enjoyed our role play Flower shop which provided opportunities to wrap bunches of flowers then make labels. I’m impressed with how many of our younger children are showing an interest in mark making and beginning to form some recognisable letters.

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Our tadpoles continue to thrive. The children’s keen interest in watching their growth is supporting us focus on their understanding of the  world around them, and to develop care and concern for all living things. The children are great at getting binoculars or magnifying glasses to get a closer look.


To develop knowledge of how plants grow I provided seeds to sort, using different tweezers. Not all children understand that some fruits and veg grow from seeds so we will take a closer look at this next week. Maybe you could point out the seeds and talk about food that grows below, above ground or on trees when eating with your child.

IMG_5561 IMG_5565

Next week:

We are providing resources to encourage children to plant then care for their own flowers and veg and to represent their world, this continues on from this week. We are also going to take a closer look at  fruit and veg and see how and where they grow.

In phonics we continue to develop phonological skills to hear initial sounds in words and rhymming words as well as continue to develop letter recognition. I continue to monitor to Teddy Words so do let me know if your child has been practising so I can listen to them and see their progress. If your child isn’t interested don’t worry, they will fly when they are ready!

Maths is focusing on sorting, comparing and talking about size, shape. As our flowers begin to grow we will try to measure them.  I would also like to encourage the children to record changes over time in the garden and as the tadpoles grow.

I continue to encourage name writing but key is to get the children to form the letters correctly as bad habits are hard to break later. Please support your child to use anti-clockwise movements to form letters such as c,o,g,d, and to start letters at the top.

If you have any seeds/bulbs or soil to donate we would welcome it.

Mrs. Quinn


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