Together at last!

Three weeks after school started our classes are finally together for the first time. All the children have really been involved in talking to someone new and getting stuck into investigating the outdoor area. We’ve already been Mathematicians, builders, marine biologists, mountain climbers, firemen and dinosaur hunters! 

Week of September 19th in Reception.

What a great week! The children continue to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings and routines. I’ve been amazed how quickly they are settling down to planned activities and working independently.

Thank you to those that attended the phonics talk. Please come to see me if you have any questions.

This week you were given the Teddy Word booklet.

This is an important tool to help your child to read common words, that they will see repeatedly in their reading books that they will be bringing home. Knowing them will help with reading fluency and their reading enjoyment. Please practise daily, so that Miss Boby and I can see the progress as we listen to them.

We are rolling out reading books this week as we also begin to teach the Read Write Inc. phonics programme. Some children will be able to sound out words to read them, others will need your support to read the words, but as they see them repeatedly they will begin to recognise key words. Praise! Praise! Praise!

Next week we will continue to ease the children into the reception day, with a key focus being using resources independently and putting them away. We have set out various resources that encourages the children to notice similarities and differences with their peers, and we will begin portrait drawing with the children.


The children have been making their own play dough.

img_7489 img_7447 img_7423

This week we began to show the children how to access games on the interactive whiteboard:

We provided a fine motor challenge to create Mr. Potato head characters, and noted lots of language about faces, emotions, families. The children have also enjoyed sharing books that talk about how we are all the same, but different.

This progressed to making faces on the light box.

The magnet theme continues to hold the children’s interest, with children exploring what is magnetic and what isn’t.

Slight problem when one of my little darlings said “Look, Mrs. Quinn, you’re laptop is magnetic!”  – Ooops!




The children were looking at sunflowers during Forest school, which led to lots of lovely representations.

img_7321 img_7320 img_7319

Fantastic model making too, which led to some mark making and label making.

img_7330 img_7329 img_7328 img_7327 img_7325 img_7324

Looking forward to another great week tomorrow…

Mrs. Quinn.

Cohort 2 are in and we’re busy making new friends!

We’ve been busy bees today welcoming our new friends into Nursery. The classroom is feeling increasingly full as we are learning to make those important, positive relationships that will carry us throughout the year. Fun has been had by the bucket load, the photos say it all!
ay it all! 

Our very first day in Nursery

So we have our first cohort of children in Nursery and I think it’s safe to say the entire Nursery team are thankful for it! Was wonderful meeting families and the children on home visits but we were all anticipating filling our empty room in Nursery. The children really enjoyed their first day and were full enthusiasm to explore their new classroom. Looking forward to seeing them settle in properly over the new few weeks and for us to get to know them better. 

See you all bright and early tomorrow morning and our second cohort in on Tuesday! 

Reception Week of September 12th

It has been a brilliant week! The children are settling into new routines and establishing new friendships.

A few housekeeping issues to help everyone.

Electronic Learning Journeys: If you have requested to be set up to be able to send observations direct to your child’s electronic Learning Journey you will get an email once I have set you up online which you will need to reply to. Just as you get a confirm for password resets etc.  It is just 2Build-a-Profiles way to ensure you did request it.

Library: We sent out library books this week. These should be returned each Friday. Your child will be encouraged to take a book home weekly, but they may not want to. The book out on loan must be returned the following week to allow another book to be taken home.

Wellies: Not all children have wellies in school yet. Please provide them asap.

PE/Games: We had our first PE lesson today. Please ensure you have provided a PE kit, which will stay on their peg until half term. This should consist of NAMED t-shirt, shorts, socks, plimsols. I noticed today that some children have been given clothes from another family, but the previous childs name is in the clothes still, which makes finding out who it belongs to difficult. Please check.

Outdoors: Remember we are out in all weathers so as the weather begins to change please make sure the children have a suitable coat in school.

Returning letters etc: Please remember that we would prefer the TAs to send their time with the children rather than checking bags, so anything important, give to the adult at the door at drop off, or put in the trays provided.

We have been introducing the children to their house teams and small groups.

House teams are red, yellow, blue and green, The children are awarded ‘gold coins’ as house points for their colour team. Its a nice way to practice our counting to see which team has the most coins.

Our groups for morning activities are foxes, mice, owls, rabbits, kittens. Ask your child which group they are in.

Photos from this week:

Next Week:

We are still at that important stage of settling and observing the children as part of our baseline assessment to help inform future planning. We will be observing and assessing the children’s phonic knowledge next week with a view to sending home reading books and Teddy words.

There is a Phonics presentation on Wednesday during which I will explain what you can do to support your child at home and explain how we teach your child to read. I will also have handouts available.  I urge your attendance if possible.

There is a bit of a magnetic theme brewing so we are offering resources to the children to investigate which materials are magnetic and which are not.

We will be encouraging the children to draw self portraits, so we have other resources ready to encourage discussion about how we are the same, but different, and to use different media to create faces.



Mrs Quinn.

Our First Week

Far to many photos to comment on, other than to say Miss Boby and I, and the team, have been so impressed with your children this week. They have done so well! Next week our focus is to continue to settle the children into new routines, familiarise them with new resources and how to use them independently, and to support developing friendships.