Week of January 9th in Reception.

We began the week with hopes of snow. We read the story of The Mitten which led to some good discussion about estimating in adult led maths. We introduced estimating as a ‘clever guess.’ Try it at home. Can your child estimate how many pieces of fruit in the fruit bowl; how many shoes there are. This was a tricky concept for many.


In anticipation of the snow to come we have also looked at non-fiction books about Winter and talked about the changing seasons. We looked back at our class Seasons book together. The children love seeing their own photographs in the class book so please send in any photographs of you and your family out and about enjoying the Winter weather. Additionally, magazine clippings depicting Winter are also welcome as the children enjoy sticking them in.


Next week we will continue to look at Winter. We talked about how icicles form, so if it’s cold enough we will have a go at making our own outside.


Reading Books: Please remember to sign your child’s reading record book. If not signed the reading book won’t be changed.

Please ensure you read a little every night and keep up with Teddy words which I regularly listen to. Quite a few children are now recognising some red tricky words in the book which is brilliant!


We had a blast in P.E. We got out the equipment and after a few bits of training on being safe, they were off exploring different ways of travelling.

Now I know the children can behave appropriately on the equipment, next week we’ll get out the ropes for climbing. Did you know that being able to lift and support your body weight is a sign of readiness for writing!

Upper body strength.

new ways of moving.

Here are a few photographs from this week.

Exploring Numicon.

Exploring shapes.

Who knew a garlic press could be so much fun!


Making an igloo

Programming the Bee-Bots to go forwards, back, left, right.
Making repeating patterns

Playing teacher. A little phonics assessment between friends.

Number ordering.

Still enjoying the ‘secret writing’ pens.

Forest School




There are still too many items of clothing without names inside. If your child takes home someone else’s uniform in error please return it as soon as possible.


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