Week of November 13th

Here are a few photos from this week. Lots of Gruffalo play. 

Week of 20th we are taking a walk to the library in the afternoon.. Thank you to the parents who offered to help. Please check in Monday AM with a member of staff to confirm. 

We will be sending home costume requests and lines to learn for our Nativity.

Our literacy focus continues to be The Gruffalo and Gruffalo’s Child, writing menus and recipes.

We would welcome donations of cheap plain flour, salt and food colourings for making play dough.

New challenge now on Tapestry, send in your observations under your child’s name.

Have a great week – Mrs Quinn.

Theatre Trip

Just a reminder that the children are going to see The Gruffalo’s Child on Monday morning. They should arrive at school normal time. The coach will leave 9:15am.

Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to help us.  We now have an extra child attending but the coach is at capacity. We need two parent helpers to be willing to drive, rather than travel on the coach with the children.

Mrs. Quinn.

End of Term Party

We are looking to have a water party Wednesday PM on the field, Weather permitting.  

Children can bring in their water guns, super soakers etc and we would appreciate the loan of a few small paddling pools for their amusement. 

Please ensure children have suncream on and Sun hat etc. 

Could parents bring in dry clothes/towels at home time. You may want to arrive a little earlier to help get them dry and changed. 

Be prepared, I am coming fully loaded, they will get wet! 
Mrs Quinn and the team. 

Week of June 20th.

I’ve just uploaded the sports day photos on Vimeo. Check out the Twitter link to view.

The children had a lovely sports week. Thanks for your support! 

Congratulations to the red team who won the Early Years sports day.

We finished the week with a few team games.

Can I just say how proud I am of Tiggywinkles class. They’ve managed really well with different adults whilst I’ve been doing home visits. I’m out again for part of next next week then it’s back to normal.

Miss Boby and I are so proud of the children’s progress we’re planning a water party for end of term so let us know if you could loan us paddling pools etc. Details to follow…  Hope this great weather holds! 
Mrs. Quinn.

This Week in Reception, W/C March 6th.

After visiting the baby ducklings in Nursery the children painted pictures.  We will be observing and recording their growth and changes.

I was really impressed with how the children managed to complete a game involving money. We started just using pennies but very quickly extended this to other denominations.

In PE we were throwing and catching.  Jamie is a future gold medalist! Many children can catch with one hand too… Roll on Sports Day.

We completed some maths assessments, which can be discussed in Parent Consultations, but the children are making great progress generally. Keep them counting and adding groups.
W/C13th March:

Parent consultations will be in cottontails. Learning Journeys and children’s stories, as well as learning portfolios will be available to look at in Tiggys.

I am collecting kitchen roll centres, or that type of cardboard cylinder, the stronger the better.

I’m also collecting screw drivers for the woodwork area and any off cuts of soft woods.

Our literacy focus this week is writing speech bubbles for the characters in The  Three Little Pigs. Perhaps you have a copy to read at home this week.
Mrs. Quinn.

This Week in Reception.

No iPad this week, it’s off for repairs so limited photos I’m afraid. 

We read The Doorbell Rang by Jan Francis as an introduction to sharing. The children were heard confidently using vocabulary such as sharing, equal, same, fair. We started off sharing between two, discussing what is half, but quickly moved to exploring sharing between 3,4,5 or more people. The breakthrough moment came when we were sharing between 4, with two biscuits left over… should we just eat them I asked? No, said Kai, and explained he could snap them and give a bit to everyone. Kindness and logic in one lesson! 

We have carried on the celebrations theme by writing party lists and invites. 

World Book Day was fun. I didn’t get many book reviews in so please send them in next week. 

We are still supporting the children to recognise teen numbers. 

Mrs. Quinn. 

Wedding Fever

We’re looking for pics of parents weddings, or key family members to adorn our wedding role play area.  Have any of the children been flower girls etc? 

Any old wedding stationary you could donate. 

We are still accepting cake decorating donations. 

Mrs. Quinn

Play Dough and Baking

We are looking forward to observing how the children use the revamped Playdough and baking area. There is a bit of a birthday theme next week as Miss Boby and I both had birthdays over half term. We are using this to introduce independent baking. 

Lots of opportunity for maths, measuring and weighing, measuring time, introducing units of measure whilst developing fine motor skills, language and observing change. Oh, and practising tidying up! 

We are looking for donations of cake tins, birthday candles and cake decorations to help resource this area. Please get in touch if you can help.

Syrian Refugee Appeal

I’m sure you’ve seen all the appeals on tv for blankets/warm clothes for the Syrian refugees?
One of our lovely parents has been in touch with unicef this week to ask if we can donate unwanted winter items etc, rather than money, and they directed us to a local charity called Herts for Refugees….They actually take second hand winter clothes over to the camps. They have one run coming up on there 5th February. 
Short notice I know, but we’d really like to get the children involved. Developing an understanding of the world around us and care and concern for others is a huge part of our curriculum. Most children learn to read/ count, not all learn empathy and a social conscience. 
All next week we will collect warm hats, scarves, gloves, socks etc which will be taken to a collection base in St. Albans… 
How to get involved: either send in a pack of items in a zip lock bag 
to donate individual items and we can make them up into packs.
It’s such a great cause and would make a difference in these freezing temperatures! I’m hoping to get the children to write a letter or draw a picture to go with the packs. 

Mrs. Quinn.

Making Playdough

We have reintroduced our ‘Make Your Own’ Playdough table this term. I’ve been a little nervous that I’d end up with red food-colouring all over our new floor, but the children were great!  Following instructions, exploring different spices to Add. Long may it continue…

Get them writing.

I hope your Christmas card arrived safely. 

Is your little one writing thank you cards? It’s a great way to encourage writing for a purpose and they will love seeing the appreciation on the face of the recipient! 

If not quite writing yet they can still get involved. Ask them what they want to say and you scribe for them, encouraging them to sign it.  Being able to orally put a sentence together, remember it and dictate it to you is quite an achievement for four year olds. 
Mrs. Quinn.

Week of December 12th.

A busy week! making cards, wrapping presents, lots of creative play. 

Next week we are walking the children to the Post Office to post their Christmas cards. If you would like your child to buy a stamp then please send in 75p (second class ) 96p (first class). No need to send a SAE, we have them ready, but make sure the money is labelled with your child’s name clearly.

Many thanks to the parents who have offered to help on the walk. Could you be at school for 1:15pm, Monday /Tuesday.

We have sent home PE kits and no library books went home this week. Please return any that are outstanding ASAP.

Don’t forget:

Cake sale in Lodge  Monday after school.

We break up 2pm Wednesday.

A few from this week:

Trip to Post Office.

The children have been making Christmas cards and I’m so impressed With them. Conversation has turned to how a postman knows where to deliver the letter. 
“You write your telephone number on the envelope.”

“you put a map on the envelope.”

“My house has stones in front of it.”

“My door is red.”

 I would love to walk them to the Post Office to buy a stamp and post their own cards. I’d need a couple of parents to help walk to/from the village post office with me.

Rather than walk two lots of 30 children (which becomes an exercise in crowd control) I would like to take small groups of 6-8 at a time in order to get much more language out of the children, so we can be more focused on the experience, maths opportunities etc.

If you are able to help then get in touch ASAP. Ideally Monday /Tuesday afternoon. I’ll need to know tomorrow so I can give parents notice to send in money for their child to buy a stamp.
Many thanks.

Mrs. Quinn & Miss Boby.


Nativity Singalong

We have scheduled a separate performance of songs from the nativity play for the children and parents of children who missed the performances this week due to illness. This will be at 2:30 on Wednesday. 
Unfortunately this cannot be for all parents due to classroom size. 

Mrs. Quinn & Miss Boby

Christmas Nativity Performances.

As you are no doubt aware, many of the children have been hit by chicken pox, which is no small disaster for the Nativity tomorrow. 

I have been asked if it is possible to put on an additional performance, once the children are back in school – I would love to, but the hall is fully booked for different year groups next week so I can’t defer or add performances. I also think the children will be tired of it by then. 

However I do understand your disappointment as a parent and the children have all worked so hard.

I will try to schedule a performance of the songs from the play for next week  in the classroom. I’m just checking the calendar. It isn’t possible to do the play in class as the rooms are too small. 

Mrs. Quinn


We are  enjoying Supertato by  Susan Hendra and we’d love some potatoes, carrots, aubergine, cucumber, leeks, courgette etc to make our own super heroes and investigate vegetables. We’d also like bags of frozen peas. Can you help.
Mrs. Quinn and Miss Boby.

Week of November 14th in Reception.



We’ve been finishing off our diva lamps and making bread rolls this week, just like the little red Hen. A big thank you to Mrs. Nolan for helping with the baking. The children enjoyed using all their senses to observe changes as the yeast was addded, and how the dough changed  before and after baked. We also finished our diva lamps, which we had moulded by hand.

We also observed lots of transporting and problem solving at the water tray, and even the rain provided interest and challenge. Here are just a few from the week.

img_8811 img_8813 img_8929 img_8930 img_9025 img_8810 img_8800 img_8801 img_8803 img_8806 img_8808 img_8810



img_8794img_8796 img_8798 img_8797We I have

Just look at the skill of these boys, we even got them recording their scores.


Timetable Changes:

Please note we have changed our PE and library day to TUESDAY. Please send in library books to be changed on Tuesday next week and going forward.


We are practising our nativity play every day. It’s success depends in no small part on the children rehearsing their lines at home with you. Please give us your support and rehearse with your child. It only take a few minutes.


Mrs. Quinn

The Seaside

Reception classes are looking at the Season of Summer hext half term and are in need of the following role play resources:

Beach balls
rubber rings
arm bands
inflatable beds
beach towels
sun hats
sun glasses
shorts/swimming costumes for kids
picnic plates/cups/jugs
postcards – used or unused.
Empty sun lotion bottles.

Anything else you think the children might need on a beach…