Gruffalo Star bakers! – Nursery

As most of you are aware, the Gruffalo children have been extremely busy refining our baking skills over the last couple of weeks, making cakes, bread and even playdough to use in class. All thanks to our new oven in the classroom which Mrs Kimber very kindly collected from the shops! 

Since we have children from a large and wonderfully varying range of cultural backgrounds, we are requesting that any traditional family recipes (that you would be willing to share) relating to the cultural background of your child, or else maybe something they ate on holiday, be brought in for us to try and bake in Nursery! It would be nice to show the children that there are different recipes with different names from all over the world. 

If anyone would be kind enough to share some new exciting recipes with us to trial, you would be contributing to a great deal of learning about the wider world (plus some lovely new treats, some healthy some not, to go home after half term!) 

Catch us at the door if you could help. 

See you tomorrow, 

Gruffalo Team  

Together at last!

Three weeks after school started our classes are finally together for the first time. All the children have really been involved in talking to someone new and getting stuck into investigating the outdoor area. We’ve already been Mathematicians, builders, marine biologists, mountain climbers, firemen and dinosaur hunters! 

Cohort 2 are in and we’re busy making new friends!

We’ve been busy bees today welcoming our new friends into Nursery. The classroom is feeling increasingly full as we are learning to make those important, positive relationships that will carry us throughout the year. Fun has been had by the bucket load, the photos say it all!
ay it all! 

Our very first day in Nursery

So we have our first cohort of children in Nursery and I think it’s safe to say the entire Nursery team are thankful for it! Was wonderful meeting families and the children on home visits but we were all anticipating filling our empty room in Nursery. The children really enjoyed their first day and were full enthusiasm to explore their new classroom. Looking forward to seeing them settle in properly over the new few weeks and for us to get to know them better. 

See you all bright and early tomorrow morning and our second cohort in on Tuesday!