Week of November 20th

A busy week.

Thank you to our lovely parents who helped us safely walk the children to the village library. We are scheduling another village walk to the post office the week, probably the last week of term, so if you’d like to be involved please let us know…

I hope you are enjoying our reception challenges on Tapestry. I have loved seeing your comments. If you write an observation it will appear in your child’s Learning Journey. If you experience any issues logging into Tapestry please let me know asap, your log in was only valid for 24 hours, so I have reset a few recently.


Reception Challenge 5: A physical challenge. Watch this video link for an explanation.

Crossing the body’s mid-line is an important developmental skill needed for many everyday tasks such as writing, reaching towards your foot to put on a shoe and sock with both hands and hitting a ball with a bat. When a child spontaneously crosses the mid-line with the dominant hand, then the dominant hand gets the practice needed to develop good fine motor skills by repeated consistent hand dominance. If a child avoids crossing the mid-line, then both hands tend to get equal practice at developing skills and the child’s true handedness may be delayed. This means that once a child starts school, learning to write is much more difficult when they have two less skilled hands rather than one stronger, more skilled (dominant) hand. Difficulty crossing the mid-line also makes it difficult to visually track a moving object from one side to the other or track from left to right when reading, meaning reading can also be delayed. They need to practise these type of skills…

Polite request: We really struggle to pair shoes when they aren’t named, and so many children have the same design shoes. Please put your child’s name in their shoes.


Nativity: Could we please have your nativity costumes by Friday latest. Thank you.

Don’t forget to send in your small 4oz baked bean tin for a cooking activity…

Next week we are looking at the Stickman story, by Julia Donaldson, please read it home if you have a copy. We will be making our own stickman in Forest school.

A few photos from this week.