Photos from week of November 6th

A very busy week. Lots of representations of fireworks in the children’s play and talk of fire and staying safe.

Towards the end of the week we discussed Remembrance day and the children enjoyed making pictures of poppies or other types of flowers.

Next Week:

The children are looking forward to their trip to the Radlett Centre to see The Gruffalo’s Child tomorrow. Please read the story if you have it at home as we will spend time this week discussing the characters with the children.

Watch out for our new reception Challenge on Tapestry! The response so far has been great and I love having parental involvement evident n the Learning Journeys. If you can’t access your child’s account online for any reason just let me know

Cooking: We are making Gruffalo Crumble with the children over the week

P.E:  Believe it or not there are still children with unnamed items of uniform and PE kit.

The children still manage to lose items of named clothing, so please understand how difficult it is for staff to manage to return  unnamed items of clothing to  the correct child. We need your support to named everything! Thanks…



We would welcome more resources for junk modelling

FYI: We didn’t send out library books this week….


Mrs. Quinn.