Photos from Week of 30th October

A lovely week, the children were excited about Halloween and Guy Fawkes which lead to lots of creative play and representations of pumpkins etc.

We have been trying to recognise and make teen numbers in our morning box and continued to enjoy making our own patterns. Great phonics too. Many children are now confidently blending sounds to make a word. If your child can read, please use the Teddy Word book, from Teddy 1, the initial pages are for beginner blenders.









Next week we anticipate the children will be full of news about their fireworks experiences. We will encourage them to use their senses to describe the colours, sights, smells and sounds they experienced and create our own fireworks poem. We will also talk to the children about how they stay safe in the dark evenings and at fireworks displays. This will lead into talking about reflective materials. If you have anything reflective, please send

Please also send in any photographs of Halloween or fireworks celebrations for our family board.


Mrs. Quinn