Why do kids write backwards?

Many teachers and parents have observed a trend of name writing in reverse, from right to left. At four years of age, the presence of mirror writing is generally nothing to be concerned about. It’s important to know how the ability to write from left to right emerges in a young child. A young child first develops what’s called laterality. This is an awareness of “leftness” and “rightness,” or at least that the body has two sides. This internal awareness matures into what’s called directionality, which is the recognition and appreciation of right-left, up-down, forward-backward, etc.

Your child is still at this later stage, and because it’s not fully developed, they can just as easily go from left to right as they can from right to left, and it all feels the same to them. At this stage, they don’t even realize that they have printed their name in the wrong order. Their young brain just says, “Hey, hand…write my name.” It only cares that the letters are in the correct order. So off they go and out comes MAS, MOT, EIHCRA. As Sam, Tom and Archie see more models of their name written correctly, they’ll first say “Hey, that doesn’t look right!” and later, “It’s backward!” as the concept develops.

Hope this helps… check out this <a href="” title=”Why do kids write backwards?” target=”_blank”>video clip.

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