Merry Christmas

All the staff in Nursery staff would like to say thank you for all your lovely gifts this Christmas. We are all starting our detox in January!

The children have been asked to draw a picture over Christmas.

Scissor Skills:
Please send in old Christmas cards for the children to cut up. We are really focusing on scissor skills, so it would be great if you could encourage this at home too. Model how to hold scissors correctly and encourage the children to keep their thumb on top. If they find cutting paper a challenge they may find it easier to cut up play dough or drinking straws.

Seasons Book:

We are collecting images of Winter for our seasons book, or photos of the Christmas festivities.

Teddy Words:
Please feedback any progress with Teddy words. If the book is kept in their book bag I’ll be able to listen to your child read the words.

See you in 2015!
Mrs Quinn.

Week Commencing December 8th.

It was a very busy week last week. We started the week with a visit from the Lollypop Lady to reiterate the importance of looking each way when crossing the road (staff carpark).

The children met their new class elf. We had lots of name suggestions. Sparkle, Eddie, Jingle, Sand, Christmas, Santa, to name a few. The children voted for him to be called Eddie, but then addedd a surname, so welcome, Eddie Jingle to Gruffalo Nursery.

He wasted no time getting up to mischief. The children had to find him each day.

We then set to work creating paper chains to make the classroom look festive.

We have been wrapping presents for Santa and Eddie has been using his magic elf dust to put the presents into the boxes. We counted the boxes each day to see how many we had wrapped then wrote it on our chart. The children are encouraged to write or mark-make a name label for each gift, which we will continue this week. The children will also be continuing to improve their scissor skills, cutting out pictures of toys from catalogues and mark-make labels for the items they would like for Christmas.

We worked on number recognition last week as a maths challenge. We will continue this, albeit with a Christmas theme this week.

Our fine motor challenge was to decorate a Christmas tree using tweezers. Quite tricky! This week we are carefully using spoons to combine and scoop ingredients to make reindeer food, without spilling any.

We have been cooking and decorating individual Christmas cakes with our parent helpers. This will continue this week too. There was lots of maths oportunity to measure out the exact ingredients and counting out the correct number of spoonfuls. We also sorted and tallied ‘shape’ letters for Santa.

We decorated Christmas cards last week and the children will be writing in them this week. They practised writing their name all last week.

We are going to begin making some Christmas tree decorations this week

In phonics we have now taught the children the leters m.a.s.d.t.i.n.p.g
We will introduce letters o.c.k.u.b over the rest of the term. The children are being taught to hear and say initial sounds in words and to blend sounds to make a work. Many have risen to the challenge and even tried to write the words.

Children have been making ‘letter cakes’ in the sand tray.

We are continuing to read Christmas themed books and talk about the meaning of Christmas to Christians. Thank you to parents who have donated books to read, which will be returned once read.

‘What’s in the Box!’ Jamie Bear’s Diary and the Birthday book are proving extremely popular in developing comminication and language skills. Many children are now able to respond appropriately and ask relevant questions.

Highlight of this week will be the Carol concert. Thursday and Friday. It will be short but extremely sweet. Two adults per child only please as we will perform our songs in the classroom
Mrs. Quinn.