Week Commencing March 23rd.

Apologies I am late in posting this. I had an unusually hectic social calendar this weekend!

First off. It sounds as if we had a rather duff batch of cress seeds, so I am sending more seeds home if you would like to have another go with them. I do hope this lot is more successful, just put a new damp piece of cotton wool on the potato and let your child sprinkle the seeds, then wait and I will hold my breath with you!

This week in PE I have been looking at a few developmental skills. Firstly, Your child’s ability to crawl like a crab. They had to walk, tummy pointing to the ceiling on their hands and feet, keeping their bottom off the ground.  Many found it difficult so do practise at home. I then progressed to getting the children to hold a plank position, firstly on elbows then on hands. Will, Nathan, you were amazing!  The children were then asked to pass a bean bag to their partner whilst both in the plank position. No small challenge. Many succeeded, so I was very proud of every child for giving it their best effort. This was all to develop core and upper body strength, as well as use of their favoured/dominant hand for writing. Encourage them to show you how to do it at home. Next, I asked the children to pass beanbags to their partner, sitting back to back, this is to encourage them to cross their imaginary midline and develop core stability further.  Finally, we had a go at a good old fashioned wheelbarrow! The children were rather good at it! Try doing it at home in the garden now the weather is improving. 

This week I am still focusing on size, ordering Easter eggs. Many children can identify the biggest, smallest, but don’t order them correctly in sequence. The challenge is to order 3,5,7 eggs, biggest to smallest. There are lots of activities out this week to develop their language of size.

I am encouraging the children to to use rollers to make their own salt dough Easter egg. Can your child roll out play dough or pastry? Many children don’t apply enough pressure and merely roll their hands over the roller, to no effect.

Rhyme of the week: Mary, Mary, quite contrary.

Other notes:

I have put up a list of parent helper names for the trip next week. take a look at the notice board.

Parents Eve meetings are in the music room for Nursery, which is located just off the school hall. The classroom will be open too, so take a look round. I’m inviting parents to leave a message in the Learning Journeys, which we will share with the children. What has made you proud?

Mrs. Quinn.

Week Commencing March 16th.

We have been learning about Spring and the children have been telling me how they think plants get water (“… The wind blows the rain onto the flowers.”). The children have been planting vegetables, but as they take a long time to grow we are going to make some cress heads ( hence the potato request!) and grass caterpillars ( …. Tights needed). We can practise our scissor skills trimming the grass on the caterpillars.

It’s lovely to listen into the children’s conversation and language. They realised that not every child had a garden, or a green fingered grandparents to spend time with, then discussion turned to fairy gardens, as one of the children has one. The children decided they would like to make one to take home. Fairies are a bit of a obsession at present in outside play!  If anyone has connections with a garden centre, I’d love to get some miniature plants donated. If you have any unwanted little stones, gravel, to make paths, or any other bits and bobs we could use in our gardens then please get in touch. The ideas is that the children will design and create their own miniature garden to take home (if they want to) care for it and observe changes. Then they can bring in the obligatory photographs sometime in the future to talk about it!

In maths we are focusing on language of size: big, tall, small, bigger, smaller, biggest, smallest,long, short etc. children are already beginning to measure the flowers outside. We will be putting objects in order of size. This has come about from listening to the children’s language during ‘What’s in the Box?’ In maths songs we are still focusing on counting backwards.

The children were taught a little Mothers Day song last week. You might get a nice surprise on Sunday if they’re confident to sing it to you.
Next week we are learning Little Peter Rabbit.

Keep sending Teddy Word books in please!
Mrs. Quinn.

Week Commencing March 9th.

We are in the garden lots at the moment, the children are really enjoying turning over the soil in the garden. We have turned the role play area into a flower shop. Lots of writing opportunities to write gift tags or bouquet orders. We want to grow lots of vegetables this year and we are beginning to plant leeks, spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, herbs, peas, broad beans. We also want to do the old faithfuls like cress, because the children don’t have to wait so long to see things happen. We would also like to make little grass caterpillars, so we need tights, for the children to fill with compost and grass seeds.

On  Thursday PM and Friday AM we will have our Mothers Day sale. Please PLEASE send in money in a named envelope. Ideally the correct amount you would like your child to spend, or write instructions on the envelope. The nursery staff will be gift wrapping – 50p extra I believe, but if any mums could help we’d be very grateful.

We didn’t get to do Toast Time this week unfortunately, and as this is such a busy term I don’t think we will next week either. Next Friday we are making cakes for Red Nose Day, again, helpers welcome.

SPRING: We would like photos or pictures from magazines for Signs of Spring, please send in with your child for our class book.  Have the children spotted flowers growing in the garden.

I have just booked a school trip for April 1st. Details will be in bags next week. All children, AM and PM will be together on the trip, it’s a nice way to mix them up a little prior to Reception.

Note: MAx C in PM nursery went home in two different sized shoes. Please name all shoes, as the children do recognise their shoes if named.  Will, Luke and Max all wear the same shoes, so someone is wearing the wrong size!

Mrs. Quinn.

Week of March 3rd.

This week we are continuing with a loose theme of other cultures, simply because Chinese New Year has been such a hit with the children. As a focus we will be finding different ways to join and manipulate materials, using a stapler, treasury tags or tape to make our own Chinese zodiac story animal books, Chinese lanterns and Chinese drums. The children will have to problem solve which joining technique they think is more appropriate.We will employ similar techniques in the junk modelling area. We had some lovely dragons created last week.

We were counting coins into red envelopes last week, this was very popular so we are staying with it, but asking the children to use tweezers to pick up the coins.

The role play area is still a Chinese restaurant. We have seen lots of mark making. To encourage this the children will be shown how to take an order for delivery – asking and writing the address, asking for directions, giving an estimate of how long it will take to be delivered.

Our other focus this week is following two part instructions and understanding prepositions.

We have a new game in the garden, giant Kerplunk! lots of maths opportunities here, estimating how many red/blue balls there are etc.

Tuesday: World Book Day dress up – bring in and talk about your favourite book. What is the story about? Who are the characters? Do you know the author? Why do you like it?

Friday: PM Nursery Toast Time.

What’s in the Box? – Owl group.

Rhyme/song of week: Mary had a little lamb.