That Autumn Feeling

Found this in You Tube from Tint Tweeties and it made me smile!

We’ve been talking lots about the changing seasons so I wondered if we could get video clips/photos of Reception children out and about doing the same, throwing leaves, ‘leaf angels’  to make a class video. No pressure!

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Reception Week of October 10th

What a busy week! We have been talking about the changes in the seasons. The children knew lots about the leaves changing colour, some knew why, some didn’t. So, off we went to investigate. We talked about the different colours of leaves and their shapes, finding examples of each. The children noted that some were crunchy under their feet.

img_1189 img_1193 img_1194 img_1195 img_1197 img_1198 img_1199 img_1201 img_1205

Once back in class we provided resources so children could represent what they knew. We even got a bit of maths in there too.

img_8180 img_8174 img_8175 img_8167 img_8159 img_8151 img_8152 img_8153 img_8154 img_8155 img_8145 img_1294 img_1279 img_8142

We have begun to learn the story of The Little Red Hen, and children have been accessing resources to retell the story using props.


As our phonics programme gets into full swing I have been really pleased at the children’s willingness to have a go at mark making and blending sounds to make words. This also linked to our Funky Finger challenge this week, to unlock images by selecting the correct key, labelled with the initial sound. The children were then encouraged to write the sound or full word, depending on their phonics abilities and confidence.

img_1245 img_8169 img_8157 img_8158

The construction area continues to be extremely popular, but we are also getting lots of really good discussion.

One child noticed The Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty in or Wonders of The World class book and this led to building the Eiffel Tower. The Small World area was changed into an airport following discussion about how we would get there. One child then created a large aeroplane using appropriate shaped blocks.

Big Ben
This is Big Ben
Daisy’s Castle
My mummy and daddy have been there.
The Eiffel Tower.
Using appropriate shapes to build on a large scale.
I think I might be an architect or engineer when I grow up.

img_1338 img_8076 img_8080 img_8140 img_8146 img_8147  img_8149 img_8150

A few more:

img_1247 img_1275 img_1276 img_1286 img_1300 img_1303 img_8072 img_8073 img_8075 img_8183 img_8187 img_8193 img_8199

Next Week: 

We are continuing to introduce phonic sounds to the children with a focus on correct letter formation and blending to read words. We will send sound sheets home again, but they do not need to be returned to school. Just use them as a resource if your child wants to share with you what they have been doing in school.

Please always keep reading books and Teddy words in book bags. Books can be changed on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Last week of term: How did that come round so fast! We are still looking at Autumn. If you could encourage your child to bring in conkers, pine cones, acorns, interesting leaves that they find on the ground we will be using them in our art work. We are using a lovely book called Leafman, by Lois Ehlert to encourage the children’s imagination to create a leaf family.  We have a count the conker challenge and we are looking at size language, big, bigger, biggest using images on autumnal objects.

Please send in pumpkins this week. The children love investigating the insides, carving them, measuring and weighing them.

Our Funky Finger challenge is to make a rock tower using problem solving skills. I noticed last year  in nursery when balancing Christmas presents that not all children knew to put the bigger presents on the bottom, so this will be interesting to see how their problem solving skills have progressed.

Product DetailsImage result for rock towers

I now have three regular parent volunteers listening to readers/supporting phonics. A very big thank you to those parents. Could you help?

Don’t forget to send in your tea-towel order.

Mrs. Quinn



Week of October 3rd in Reception

We began a new exciting activity this week across reception: Helicopter stories. The name is taken from the work of Vivian Gussin Paley, who promotes a story telling curriculum. The children  use their imagination, before they become too self-conscious about their thinking, to tell their own stories, which the adult then scribes and the class acts out the story together. This has been shown to have a significant impact on their language, communication and literacy skills. An easier read, should you wish to learn more is ‘Princesses, Dragons and Helicopter stories: Storytelling and story acting in the early years’ by Trisha Lee.

We saw a surge in children at the writing table making their own books, some needed an adult to scribe, others had a go at writing some words themselves. Please encourage this at home and send in the children’s stories.

Here are a few stories and action shots:

img_7790 img_7793 img_7797 img_7801 img_7862 img_7863 img_7864 img_7865

Our phonics programme, RWI started in earnest this week. Some children are being introduced to letters for the first time, others, especially those who attended Gruffalo nursery are reviewing letter sounds, with a greater emphasis on correct letter formation. Some children have spent time using sensory resources to trace letters, boosting their confidence to just have a go.  We have sent some home learning sheets home this week. These do not have to be returned to school. They are to support parents to be able to help their child consolidate learning, should they wish to use them. We will not give out formal homework in reception. Some parents have indicated that they would welcome guidance on how best to support their child at home.

We also had some visual discrimination challenges*, which will help with letter recognition.

A few photos from this week.

img_7857 img_1042 img_1114 img_1116 img_1117 img_1119 img_1120 img_1071 img_7851

  • Idea taken from


img_0807 img_0820 img_0895 img_0908 img_0930 img_0933 img_0939 img_0946 img_0952 img_0953 img_0957 img_0960 img_0964 img_0967 img_0978 img_1002 img_1003 img_1009 img_1028 img_1029 img_1135 img_7969 img_7970 img_7971 img_7972 img_7973 img_7974 img_7975 img_7977 img_7978 img_7883 img_7963 img_7964 img_7965

We love to learn about different family celebrations and ways of life. This week we learned about Navratri, Navaratri (nine nights)  one of the greatest Hindu festivals.  Navratri takes place at the beginning of October around harvest time and, as the name implies, this festival is celebrated for nine days.

If you have any special family celebrations that you could share with us, please advise. Perhaps you could share special foods, clothes, stories that are important within your culture, that the children would enjoy learning about.


Next Week:

We will be going on our first Welly Walk, looking for signs of autumn. We are encouraging the children to ponder why leaves fall? What colours they change into? What happens to the leaves that fall? then to sort, count, order leaves by size. We will be encouraging colour mixing to create their own representation of autumn.

Perhaps your child could bring in leaves that they find on the ground on their way to school. A fat leaf, a long leaf, a big leaf (who can find the biggest?) a small leaf, a brown, red, yellow, purple leaf.



  • Tiggywinkles are moving to a weekly  rotation of What’s in the Box?’ We will start with Rabbits this week and I will post a timetable on our door.
  • Please continue to leave reading books in book bags, and Teddy words. Reading books are changed on Tuesdays and Fridays, so long as parents have indicated that they have listened to their child read the book at home.
  • Does your child have wellies in school?
  • Is ALL uniform named? I have noticed garments named with older pupils names, but I can’t always match to a reception child if the family name is not the same…
  • If you could come in to help on a regular basis, please let us know…
  • Have you sent in your Settling In review forms?
  • Have you book a parent consultation slot?

Mrs. Quinn & Miss Boby.


Week of September 26th September in Reception

A few photos from this week. We have a bit of a crocodile swamp and dragon stew theme going on within the two classrooms. Lots of lovely imaginative play, using the mud kitchen and creative areas. Both classes drew their self portraits this week and continued to explore transient art to create images of themselves. Cottontails portraits are on a separate post, I’ll post Tiggy’s too later, I am just waiting a few more to be completed.



I was very excited to hear the children read this week.  We endeavour to listen to your child read every week. If you could help to listen to readers on a regular basis then please let me know.


Family Photos: We would like to set up a gallery of family photos in each room. Could you send in a family photo for the wall. I noted in nursery how much the children enjoyed spotting their own family on the wall. Please feel free to include anyone who is important to your child.

Junk Modelling: I’m trying to set up a tinkering/woodwork/junk model area. I’d love bits and bobs to add to it. Old springs, wires, small tubes… it might turn into the button on a space ship, the steering wheel of a car, a propeller, the lid of a Bisto pot might be the wheel of a tractor.  … find your inner child and take a look at things from that perspective.  Small pots and boxes, corks, string, wires, cable reels… all are handy to a four year old.


Mrs. Quinn








Mrs. Quinn