Week of November 7th in Reception

What a busy week. The children were full of chatter about their firework experiences from last week, which led to some lovely representations of fireworks at the creative table. We also set off on a fireworks hunt round the garden, recording by making marks when we found them.

We ended the week learning about Remembrance Day. It was lovely to note that a few of the children had obviously talked about it with their parents and knew a little about the meaning of the poppy. We were really proud of the children staying quiet for the 2 minutes silence.

Next Week:

We have been learning to retell the story of The Little Red Hen. To finish off this topic we are making bread rolls with the children all week. If you think you would like to help in the afternoons with this activity then let us know.

Children in Need on Friday. Children can dress up. THINK SPOTS!

Listening to readers etc. I now have three amazing parents from Tiggy’s who have freely given their time to come in once a week to listen to readers or help with additional number/phonics support. I haven’t had any parents from Cottontails volunteer. Please contact a member of staff to if you can offer support, so we can arrange the paperwork with the office for references etc.

I did a quick parents phonics session on Thursday after school and I am available to repeat this on Thursdays at 3:15pm. It’s important that parents can keep up with their child’s rapid progress and feel confident helping them at home. If you want to attend this week then just let me know by Wednesday. If your child is on picture books, or just starting out on books with words I’d like to see you.

Reading Books:

Please ensure that the yellow reading record book is signed , or comments added, to help staff to know that the children are reading every night at home. Aren’t the children progressing well!


New Entrance for Tiggy’s

The Tiggywinkle children will enter the classroom via their cloakroom entrance at the back of the class this week – just as the Cottontail children  already do.  This is to free up a member of staff to work more closely with the children on the carpet. This will need everyone’s support to encourage the children of both classrooms to enter through their respective doors in an orderly fashion and for us all to avoid the entrances becoming congested.



Christmas Fayre: Nov 29th. If your new to the school then it is good to get involved in the school community as these events directly impact what I can do in class. I’ll see you all there.

Christmas Play December 8th, PM session. Parts/costume details have been sent out.

Christmas Theatre trip December 13th: Five parents from each class have volunteered to accompany us. Many thanks.


Mrs. Quinn


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