Week of December 12th.

A busy week! making cards, wrapping presents, lots of creative play. 

Next week we are walking the children to the Post Office to post their Christmas cards. If you would like your child to buy a stamp then please send in 75p (second class ) 96p (first class). No need to send a SAE, we have them ready, but make sure the money is labelled with your child’s name clearly.

Many thanks to the parents who have offered to help on the walk. Could you be at school for 1:15pm, Monday /Tuesday.

We have sent home PE kits and no library books went home this week. Please return any that are outstanding ASAP.

Don’t forget:

Cake sale in Lodge  Monday after school.

We break up 2pm Wednesday.

A few from this week:

Trip to Post Office.

The children have been making Christmas cards and I’m so impressed With them. Conversation has turned to how a postman knows where to deliver the letter. 
“You write your telephone number on the envelope.”

“you put a map on the envelope.”

“My house has stones in front of it.”

“My door is red.”

 I would love to walk them to the Post Office to buy a stamp and post their own cards. I’d need a couple of parents to help walk to/from the village post office with me.

Rather than walk two lots of 30 children (which becomes an exercise in crowd control) I would like to take small groups of 6-8 at a time in order to get much more language out of the children, so we can be more focused on the experience, maths opportunities etc.

If you are able to help then get in touch ASAP. Ideally Monday /Tuesday afternoon. I’ll need to know tomorrow so I can give parents notice to send in money for their child to buy a stamp.
Many thanks.

Mrs. Quinn & Miss Boby.


Week of December 5th December

Phew! didn’t the children still standing do well in their nativity this week.  Some of the children managed a few extra lines and some even took on additional parts to cover those hit with Chicken Pox.. I’m afraid Miss Boby and I were so busy organising the play I didn’t stop to take any photographs! So if any parents want to email me some that would be great and I’ll add them to the blog.

We hope to welcome many children back into class next week, so we can all enjoy our many exciting Christmas activities over the next two weeks.


A few from this week:


PARENTS AS PARTNERS: Sending in observations from home:

Just a reminder that we love to receive examples of home learning, or WOW! moments, on paper or via email. If you’re not sure how to do this read on. Once I have set up your email on the ‘2Build a Profile’ system and you have responded to the confirmation email it’s very simple to share your child’s achievements with us.

A gold star to Stevie’s mum and Emily’s mum who send in brilliant examples of their achievements to share with the staff. This really helps us to build up a true picture of your child’s learning and development.

If you have a photograph or video to share with us, just select the ”mail’ option, and send to the email address: ‘inbox@2buildaprofile.com’ (Your email account will remember the address once you have written it once)

Select the mail option

If you are emailing from a PC, create a new email and upload the file as an attachment.

Put the child’s name in the email subject (this will send the video directly into the child’s portfolio), and any notes in the body of the email (you can add these later if you’re in a rush).

If you didn’t enter your child’s name, the file will be stored in ‘All experiences not allocated to a class/learner’ (from the drop down list) which staff can still pick up.


Next Week: We would welcome a contribution of wrapping paper, labels, boxes to wrap, Christmas cards to write in.

Wednesday: A sing-a long of songs from the nativity for the children and parents who missed the play last week.

We will be sending home another copy of all the sound sheets covered to date.


Mrs. Quinn

Nativity Singalong

We have scheduled a separate performance of songs from the nativity play for the children and parents of children who missed the performances this week due to illness. This will be at 2:30 on Wednesday. 
Unfortunately this cannot be for all parents due to classroom size. 

Mrs. Quinn & Miss Boby

Christmas Nativity Performances.

As you are no doubt aware, many of the children have been hit by chicken pox, which is no small disaster for the Nativity tomorrow. 

I have been asked if it is possible to put on an additional performance, once the children are back in school – I would love to, but the hall is fully booked for different year groups next week so I can’t defer or add performances. I also think the children will be tired of it by then. 

However I do understand your disappointment as a parent and the children have all worked so hard.

I will try to schedule a performance of the songs from the play for next week  in the classroom. I’m just checking the calendar. It isn’t possible to do the play in class as the rooms are too small. 

Mrs. Quinn