The Little Red Hen

These amazing children retold the story of The Little Red Hen.


That wasn’t the best bit! They then adapted the story, changing the setting to a zoo and the characters became a lion, sheep and a cow.  Cages and enclosures were quickly made to support the story telling. Fantastic!!!

This is what my job is all about…


Week of September 25th in Reception

We have had  lovely week in reception. It has been great to hear positive feedback from colleagues around the school as to how well the children are settling in.  Here are a few photographs from the week.


Next week: 

We are beginning phase 2 phonics. The children will be introduced to the letter sounds m.a.s.d.t. Some of the children know these sounds already and their focus will be handwriting using correct letter formation and writing simple words using these sounds.

Did you know we value and rely on the contribution you make at home:

Improvement in learning:

  • Children with parents who take an active interest in their education make greater progress than other children.
  • Parental engagement has a significant effect throughout a child’s school years, and in the primary years, family influences have a more powerful effect on children’s attainment and progress than school factors.
  • Gains in pupil achievement stemming from parental engagement initiatives tend to be permanent.

Reading books and Teddy word books are coming home soon. Some children will be given a picture book. Some will have books with simple words because they can already recognise letter sounds and orally blend them to make a word. You will also receive a reading record log. Please write a comment and date when you have listened to your child read. We really value the feedback.

If you would like some help to pronounce the letter sounds we re teaching then this video link will help.

Check out Abbotsphonics blog too.

Mrs. Quinn.