Week of September 18th in Reception

The children are continuing to settle and get used to their new surroundings and new routines. We introduced morning boxes this week, which focus on fine motor skills such as cutting, nuts and bolts, threading, name writing. The children were challenged to find their morning activity box for their  group and by the end of the week we were pleased with how they were able to quickly settle to their activity.


We did P.E. for the first time! Parents, we need your help. Getting 30 children changed is  no small challenge for the team. At one point I had one child wandering round in his pants, having lost every stitch of his uniform, which other children had either put on or put into their own P.E. bag. Lots of time was lost checking every P.E bag and thankfully the uniform was found, but it wasn’t named.  It is imperative that ALL items of clothing are named. Please also make time to let your child practise getting themselves dressed and undressed independently.

Next week we are beginning more focused phonics activities, concentrating on skills such as hearing initial sounds in words, words that rhyme and listening skills.


Children do not need to keep clean uniform in their book bag or on their peg. we have extra clothes in the event of accidents.  We are finding that some bags and/ or pegs are so full that everything just ends up on the floor.

We are still asking for wellies for some children. Please send them in asap.

Thank you to parents who have sent in their family photo – keep them coming, the children are enjoying looking at them together!


Here are a few photos from the first few weeks. I have actually taken over 600 photos, so many to choose from!

Our First Week

Far to many photos to comment on, other than to say Miss Boby and I, and the team, have been so impressed with your children this week. They have done so well! Next week our focus is to continue to settle the children into new routines, familiarise them with new resources and how to use them independently, and to support developing friendships.