Den Day

I  will be out of class Monday to Thursday,  but I am really looking forward to Den Day on Friday, June 17th. #hopeitdoesntrain.

This is a day for parents to come in and build dens with the children. I Haven’t run this before, so it could last an hour, but depending where the children take it, you’re welcome to stay longer. Parent’s don’t need to stay all session.

Opportunities to build dens of all shapes and sizes are vital for our young children as they offer so many possibilities for learning; negotiation, creative thinking, sustained and shared thinking, planning, creativity, evaluating, constructing, connecting, investigating, mark making and just plain old joyful expressiont

  • Social development: Building reaionships
  • Commnication: Listening, undestanding, negotiating, compromising.
  • Physical development: Moving and handling, using resources safely.
  • Maths: Working wih shape, size, weight, measurement issues.
  • Art and design: Expolring media and materilas. They will start discussing then drawing their den with you, thinking about what materials they might use and their properties. They can then test their designs with you for real. They can get creative and decorate flags, signs and bunting.
  • Literacy: The children will be encouraged to make signs, bunting, and flags for the den.
  • Understanding the World: Awareness of materials; awareness of different homes
  • The aim of the challenge is to creatively engineer a structure that stands up from easily sourced everyday materials.
  • At least one person should be able to sit inside the den.
  • The den should be able to stay upright without someone needing to hold it.

Feel free to bring in…

I don’t have resources for 53 children to build their own den. So please have a think about resources you could bring in on the day. We’ll group teams together. Parents will be there to encourage, guide, inspire.

  • Sheets, blankets
  • String, tape
  • Canes, poles
  • Tarpaulin
  • Boxes
  • Clotheslines
  • Rubber bands
  • Shower curtains
  • Cushions (we like a bit of luxury too)

We’ll provide juice and a biscuit to have in the  completed den. Maybe you would like to read a story in the den with the children.

Reception are now running this event on a different date.

Will it be a cardboard castle or a terrific tee-pee? 

  • Who can make the best den, with regard to comfort, appearance?
  • Who can make the biggest den, and how many people can fit in it?
  • vCan you make a weather-proof den?  – Judge by pouring kover a bucket of water!
  • Who can make a camouflaged/colourful den?

Save the Date!

Mrs. Quinn.
Maybe try making a den at home and send me a photograph.