Indoors and Outdoors

Indoors and outdoors

Children have access to beautiful indoor and outdoor environments, all day long, all year round. They have long periods of time when they can play both inside and out, observed carefully by our staff. We strongly believe children learn best through play and so we make sure that the environments they play in are well planned, organised and resourced with clean, high quality resources to promote high quality engagement.

Our indoor environment offers;

  • stories and puppets
  • mark making
  • maths exploration
  • malleable and clay
  • water and sensory
  • musicl instrucments
  • role play
  • block play and small world
  • studio – paint, colour mixing, collage, clay, modelling, placing and arranging
  • ICT (pc, ipads, cameras, story-headphones, remote controlled toys, talking telephones, interactive whiteboard etc.)
  • baking and cooking
  • music, movement and dance
  • Funky Fingers challenges
  • Investigation area – lightbox and overhead projector
  • Our class guinea pig

Our outdoor environment offers;

  • Sand hut
  • Water pump with channels
  • The shack
  • Quiet seating area
  • Outdoor blocks
  • Woodwork bench and tinkering area
  • Art and malleable resources
  • musical instuments and junk percussion area
  • Den building
  • Wild garden with library and Small World areas
  • Mud kitchen with pulley
  • Digging area
  • Natural dens
  • Swings, balance equipment, climbing tyres and monkey bars
  • Vegetable garden
  • Compost bin and water butt
  • Allotment – in main school garden

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